Do I Need a Broker To Obtain A Rule 144 Opinion to Sell Restricted Stock?

Under Rule 144 Only Affiliates of the Issuer Need a Broker to Sell

Only an Affiliate of the Issuer must engage a Broker in order to sell stock of the issuing company (both restricted and unrestricted stock) into the public market.

Even Non-Affiliates Benefit By Using Experienced Brokers in 144 Stock Sales

While a Non-Affiliate is not required by Rule 144 to use a Broker to sell restricted stock, any Non-Affiliate can benefit from using a knowledgeable Broker familiar with restricted stock sales under SEC Rule 144 because a good Broker can always recommend a qualified securities attorney who’s 144 opinion letters the Transfer Agent will accept.   Most of the referrals received by are from such highly experienced Brokers.


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