How Do We Guarantee Same Day Delivery of 144 Opinion Letters?

Experienced Securities Lawyers Who Know Rule 144Our Guarantee to the Shareholder:  Same Day Turnaround Or Its Free.

That’s right,’s securities attorneys will thoroughly research and investigate the company and transaction history in time to issue our 144 opinion letter within 24 hours of receiving your complete order (ALL of your documents) or its free.

How Can We Make This Guarantee?

Very easily.  If a legal opinion cannot be issued for the certificate because the issuer doesn’t qualify under Rule 144 or 4(1), then we will tell you right away, and we won’t issue one.  That means we don’t over promise.

Secondly, we work with several experienced securities attorneys across the United States, which means that there is never a delay because one lawyer is “in court that day” or “too busy.”

So once we determine that we CAN issue an opinion for the issuer, and the specific cert, this allows us to assign projects to well qualified securities lawyers who are ready, willing and able to honor that guarantee.  If one is overloaded that day, we simply assign the work to another attorney who is not.  Having a “deep bench” is just as valuable in securities law as it is in team sports.

We understand that shareholders, brokers and transfer agents all depend on fast and efficient turnaround of accurate and dependable Rule 144 opinions and that is our mission.  No longer do you have to tolerate delays of several days to receive your 144 opinions.

Time is MoneyWith fluctuating stock prices and real money at stake for all participants, it makes sense to trust your 144 letters to because we make sure the process runs smoothly.

We help the shareholder and broker collect the information an experienced securities lawyer needs to investigate the 144 status without the need for the typical “fire drill” involved when the documents are not in order.  Part of that is an education process.  Top brokers already know what to do and how to provide us the information our securities law professionals need to do the job efficiently.  We appreciate referrals from those brokers and they love our open communication and fast response.  They know we understand exactly what Rule 144 requires, and that we are committed to a first class experience for all parties involved.

The beauty of building solid, longstanding relationships with top quality brokers and transfer agents mean that we usually receive every document necessary to complete a thorough investigation at the beginning of each project.  This keeps us running smoothly so that we can easily take the extra time necessary when shareholders do not have all of their “ducks in a row” or when extra telephone calls and emails are necessary to track down missing documents and signatures.

Because we have attracted the best brokers in the business, we are blessed to say that those types of projects are rare, indeed.  This smooth running process allows our securities attorneys to concentrate on reviewing the document trail and researching the issuing company rather than wasting time on back and forth telephone calls and emails, which tend only to confuse shareholders and exasperate busy brokers.

By the time the securities lawyers working with issue 144 opinions to the transfer agent within 24 hours of receiving the completed order, the finished product is thoroughly researched, well written and clearly explains how and why the certificate in question complies with the appropriate SEC provisions of Rule 144, 4(1) or other applicable provision.

This commitment to efficiency and accuracy in our 144 attorney opinion letters makes financial sense for our company and our securities attorneys–simply put, doing things right the first time makes life easier for everyone.


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